Mynd understands that while making payments efficiently, cost-effectively and accurately are pivotal to every well-managed account payables function in the organization; simultaneously Supplier and Vendor’s satisfaction is measured by the ease of process offered in handling invoices and turnaround time for payment. Keeping the above concept in mind, our accounts payable service including petty cash management offering aims at striking a balance between process optimization and supplier satisfaction.

Mynd Integrated Solutions boasts of a wide range of service offerings that help clients manage end-to-end accounts payable function. A quick look at the below scope of services provided by us will help understand the 360°approach adopted by Mynd in managing the accounts payable function:-

Clients are offered the unique advantage and flexibility to opt for the entire function-encompassing full service line or simply select a single module out of the above.

Mynd Account Payables Outsourcing service offers clients best in class performance and costs by facilitating smooth transactions and optimized payable processes. Clients are offered the capability to transform AP process via an automated system and hence result in better controls, improved service levels and efficiency. Our Accounts Payable Tool is dependable, customizable as well as cost efficient and thereby offers unparalleled benefits on Economy, Control & Efficiency as per the below details—