Reconciliation is a vital process in the sphere of accounting that ensures matching money actually spent against the money reflected in the books of accounts. This is a major pain area for most companies with very little control what so ever over the entire process. Mynd understands the importance of maintaining the accuracy of account books and keeping them tallied with supplier as well as customers. Our strong base and expertise in the domain of accounting, empowers Mynd to address easy to intricate requirements pertaining to reconciliation of accounts in varied industry domains for different set of clients.

Mynd’s novel and state-of-the-art applications and tools allow elimination of the conventional spreadsheet approach to Reconciliation. We offer our clients fitting and efficient solutions that fulfil the growing needs of transaction matching in domestic and international geographies. Mynd Integrated Solutions offers reconciliation services in the below areas:

  1. Vendor Reconciliation
  2. Customer Reconciliation
  3. Bank Reconciliation
  4. Inter-company Reconciliation
  5. GL & Sub GL Reconciliation
  6. Inventory Reconciliation
  7. Data Matching & Other Miscellaneous Reconciliation

Mynd’s Reconciliation Automation tool offers the following unique features:

  • Configurable, rules driven process in which all logic is owned by the business users
  • Email alerts and a role based workflow process assist with exception handling
  • Create automatic or suggested match types. Assign configurable reason codes for journal creation
  • Perform look-ups, concatenation, parsing or custom data manipulation automatically with import utility
  • Automatically import information from any editable file format or data source
  • Create reconciling items and adjusting journal entries in bulk
  • Matches millions of transactions each minute, so you can shorten your close, eliminate tedious manual labor, and get more out of your accountants
  • Quickly identify and address exceptions in any matching scenario, regardless of file format, data quality or volume
  • User-defined, logic-driven process lets you automate any cash, credit card, inter-company or other high volume reconciliation