5S Audits

5S is a Japanese technique used for managing the workplace. By implementation of 5S, organizations can visualize their problems and thereafter corrective actions are taken to counter such issues.

5S denotes a Japanese term of organization, neatness, cleanliness, standardization and discipline starting with a letter ā€˜Sā€™ which are

SEITON -A place for everything and everything in its place
SHITSUKE -It deals with discipline for strict adherence to a system by changing from the existing Unsystematic way
SEIRI - It sorts between unwanted and wanted things in a selected area, region or domain
SEIKETSU - To maintain we have to standardize the system. Seiketsu is nothing but standardization.
SEISO - Deals with the job of completely cleaning the workplace

To serve our clients we help them to implement the 5S on their organizations and ensure a smooth working environment.

Through our professional and focused approach we help our clients to effectively implement sustainability in their organization. We perform regular assessment to check whether implantations are in accordance with the set expectations and present our report for future business considerations.

Mynd adopts a flexible approach to finalize the agreed scope to work together and deputes our personnel accordingly.

Benefits of 5S:-

After implementation of 5S on floor,the organization benefits with following advantages:

  • Improved operation efficiency
  • Improved employees morals
  • Enhanced employees safety
  • Efficient time management
  • Helps in avoidance of errors
  • Avoid unnecessary work for searching items
  • Easy access of things helps in improving productivity
  • Helps to identify and eliminate unsafe situation
  • Enables reduction of inventory
  • Prevents wastage of materials
  • Creates a good work culture