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Improve efficiency while reducing operational costs by up
to 30% with Mynd HR Management Solutions


One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses include human resource management – optimizing the resource cost and utilization while focusing on the core business activities. Mynd’s HR services combine human intelligence and AI based automation products to offer tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client, irrespective of the size or stage they are in.

With Mynd’s HR services, many clients have discovered that they can save 30 percent or more over the cost of maintaining a full staff of people in an in-house human resources department!

What We Offer in HR Outsourcing Services?

Mynd solutions is an organization that works in the tech-driven domain wherein it offers an all-encompassing and comprehensive platform of services to caters to your complete Finance and HR outsourcing services needs through our expert driven solutions.

Here at Mynd, the HR outsourcing services have provision of products automated as a combination based on human intelligence and artificial intelligence products to offer tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of every client, irrespective of the size or stage they are in.

When a client opts for our HR outsourcing services, we take care of their complete employee administration including payroll, benefits, compliance, and taxes, so that they can focus on growing their business exponentially.

Whether you are planning a global expansion, or just looking to hire the perfect candidate, We make it happen for you.


Domestic payslips processed annually


International payslips processed annually


Experience in Managing Payroll


Mynd Integrated is a leading global payroll services provider, offering innovative payroll solutions to employers of all sizes – Start-ups, MSMEs or large multi-national enterprises processing over 5 Million payslips every year.


Mynd’s Compliance Management Solution landscape include Compliance Automation Platform supported by a front-end team of experts and shared service centre. The unique combinations help you manage the compliance efficiently and cost effectively.


Mynd helps manage end-to-end recruitment process with the help of effective and efficient recruitment strategy, pan-India presence and digital process automation and delivers the right talent for the right job.

Contractual Staffing

Mynd has emerged as a leader in the Manpower Outsourcing sector in India, working proactively with clients to address the ever-growing demand for work force, improvement in productivity, cost reduction, and statutory compliance.

Benefits of HR outsourcing services:

  1. Once a firm delves into HR outsourcing services, it has ample freed up time and resources in hands which could contribute to foster the growth of the business and efficiency for running the ventures already in place. With HR services being outsourced to experts outside of the firm, they can have better servicing in the sector with the experts coming in who tirelessly cater to reach better business performance and efficiency goals. Also, since HR duties revolve around practices that are very time consuming and require constant attention of human labour force right from base level employees to higher level management, by bringing in HR outsourcing services firms can undertake a lot more newer ventures instead of fixating on compliance roles, legal policies, etc.

  2. Outsourcing the HR services of own business to experts is similar to hiring an expert eye for overlooking and reviewingthe businesses HR practices. Thus, if HR services are outsourced toan efficient expert, you stand to gain from the benefits of having a comprehensive monitoring of your HR policies and practices in a strictly efficient and professional manner. We guide you for HR practices on policies and practices that need to be improvised upon and updated, and in compliance with government laws.

  3. HR outsourcing services can aid in enhancing the employee relations along with streamlining the orientation in the hiring process. A cheery and healthy culture in the work environment bolsters employee relations to get better which are all conducive to overall growth of the business in the longer run. The HR outsourcing services can help enrich and enhance the business relations among employee which corroborates the bigger goals of the business along with enablinghigher efficiency in orientation with professional new hire.

  4. Outsourcing Can Handle Administration for Time-Consuming Tasks From hiring to managing the payroll, employee settlements, leaves, and other basic everyday HR tasks are quite time-consuming and stressful tasks. With different types of labor laws enforcement in India, businesses are required to follow various compliance laws as well. While outsourcing HR services, a team of experts will always be available to support you to settle all types of claims or leave administration, saving you both time and energy to focus back on the growth of your business.

HR Automation

Transform your HR process landscape with
Mynd HR Automation Suite - Recruitment, Administration, Payroll & Compliances.

  • iVap
  • ACT
  • myPay
  • Mynd Recruit

Mynd iVAP Payroll automation solution is built to enable a stress-free payroll experience for your workforce and helps your HR team get done more with less. iVAP eliminates the need of additional manpower for backend processes by automating crucial functions including payroll calculation, while enabling agility in salary structures and remuneration planning.

Mynd Active Compliance Tracking (ACT) automation solution helps you manage your business’s statutory compliance and related governance. ACT enables online repository of documents, real-time tracking of activities and reporting, giving you complete visibility and control. Mynd ACT is scalable and can be customized to meet the unique needs to each industry & client.

MyPay is a self-serve HR portal for employees that brings all their remuneration information on a single screen. Employees can access their salary information on the platform, submit their investment declarations, see their salary structure, deduction, reimbursements and incentives.

Mynd Recruit is an AI enabled recruitment tool developed to enable businesses streamline their complete recruitment process via automation, we have built a platform that equips recruiters& HR managers with the end-to-end functionalities and tools that they need.


What client says !

Our Clients


When a firm engages into HR outsourcing services, it gives the firm the leverage to be able to cut down on the expenses it faces for recruitment, training of new and the infrastructural expenses to facilitate the in-house teams. Thus, HR outsourcing services enable the work get done in lesser time with a lot of expertise, hence, making the entire process much more efficient.

Mynd’sHR outsourcing services provides an all-encompassing solution customized to the needs of individual clients, with the best of expertise and quality.

Some packages for HR outsourcing services that we offer are:

  • Business process HR outsourcing services (BPO)
  • hared service HR outsourcing services- Under this HR outsourcing service, the transactional or administrative elements of the activities conducive to HR department are sub-contracted to an external HR outsourcing service provider which may be inclusive of personal interface with employees, depending upon the need of the client.
  • Application (and facilities) service HR outsourcing service: Under this service,the external service providers monitor after the technological (and physical) infrastructure such that it supports the human resources activities.

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