Every person, in our opinion, has the capacity to significantly influence another person, a group of people, or society at large. When we take that and multiply it by a large number, these moments grow into movements that alter the world and improve everything in it. Mynd's emphasis on corporate social responsibility expands our effect on communities by using the strength of our employees, collective ambitions and skills, and technology. In all aspects of our business operations, we strive to uphold the greatest standards of morality, environmental responsibility, and data security.

Our Approach

Mynd Integrated Solution has a flagship programme to make the Schools tech enabled and has pioneered the program with Baal Gyan to Support and expand the infarstustrual Development of the school. Technology enables education and makes the learning experience. With this imbibed thought the MYND aims to promote education among less privileged children as one of its CSR objectives and in collaboration with Baal Gyan for the learner teacher how to inmart the education.

  • Developing and expanding the infrastructure inside and within the schools.
  • Restarting the computer lab - repair costs for laptops, setting up new equipment and items as needed.

“MYND reaching to societies”

MYND acknowledges its responsibility as a corporate towards the society in which it operates and chose to build capabilities of future India, the young ones who will shape and lead the country as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative. MYND strives to bring essential & critical aspect of financial literacy to underprivileged students to inculcate the strong habits of Money management in their life.

Addressing Financial Literacy

The financial literacy void in formal education has remained a challenge, which remains unaddressed, as no formal efforts have been made in this direction. The lack of sound financial literacy may lead to situation like debt trap, failed financial goals, socio-economic challenges & unaccomplished life goals. The youngsters receive money management skills from environment around them especially from parents who in turn themselves had never learned in scientific way. These patterns of money management create difficulties in setting priorities for life goals, timing & management of investment, covering risk & creating wealth.

MYND aims to promote children education as one of its CSR objective and in collaboration with Akanksha Welfare Foundation and Fast4Future, has been delivering a programme called F@ST (Financial Awareness for a Smarter Tomorrow), that offers a structured but fun / experiential learning, which simulates real life money management tasks. It is simple to understand, learn & implement through the programme which culminates in gaining few critical life skills like:

Long Term Planning and Goal Setting
Budgeting - day to day aspects as well as evolution in different life stages
Asset Allocation, along with an understanding of everyday Financial instruments
Dealing with uncertainty and risks

The activity based workshop trains students in a group formation to face real life financial situations in long and short term. The students about banking products, payment options including cards, investment options, concepts of loans, mortgages, EMIs, Insurance as well an understanding of the risk and reward concepts.

First intervention by MYND

The first batch of beneficiaries are students from the 12th standard of the Vidya School in Gurugram. The vision is to provide less-privileged children with high-quality education, and the best infrastructure and facilities. To make them well-equipped to utilize the opportunities of India’s emerging economy, second-to-none in their ability to compete, excel, and lead digital India into the future.

On 26th April 2022, the online inaugural session kicked off. MYND was represented at the opening session by Mr. Vivek Misra, CEO & Director, Ms. Neeru Mohindru, Director and Ms. Bharti Bhardwaj, Company Secretary. Mr. Misra addressed the children, emphasizing financial literacy and explained Mynd’s CSR vision to empower young adults through education. He wished them well at the course and with their future endeavours. Glimpse of engaging opening day are shared below.

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