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Businesses operating in man-power extensive industries are often hiring throughout the year with a considerable expense being incurred on managing the recruitment processes. Mynd has emerged as a leader in the Manpower Outsourcing sector in India, working proactively with clients to address the ever-growing demand for work force, improvement in productivity, cost reduction, statutory compliance, faster mobilization & demobilization of people.

Contractual Staffing Services by Mynd

Mynd’s Contractual Staffing services help you manageend-to-end recruitment process seamlessly and cost effectively through a comprehensive solution that covers almost every aspect of HR right from recruitment to exit modalities. Our team of efficient and experienced people are proficient in handling manpower outsourcing as per client needs. Our domain experts offer ideal manpower solutions with the aim to benefit both client and candidate.Mynd provides you with better access to talent, a better approach to matching the right individual to the job, with better business results faster.

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What are the benefits of Contract Staffing?

Contractual staffing offers plenty of benefits to both employers and employees. Let us have a look at some of the opportunities that contractual employment provides to employers.

Cost Cutting

In the highly competitive scenario that is prevalent these days, it has become imperative to use the available resources to the best of their potential and hire the manpower as per the requirements of the business at a given time. Contractual staffing services in India help businesses to hire the resources as per their duration of the requirement which helps save a lot of cost and effort. This is the reason that the temporary staffing is gradually finding more and more acceptance in the IT and the manufacturing space.

Compliant with Statutory Norms

India lies in the pool of countries that are known for their well-defined employment laws across the industries. Contractual staffing in India not only aids in cutting costs but also simplifies many of the otherwise complex employment processes. The staffing firms often manage the compliance, salary, and other benefits which reduces the contractual obligations of the employers towards their employees, Staffing Agencies like Mynd have a team of well-recognized HR and Compliance professionals to take care of all the statutory compliance activities required.

Finding the Right Fit

Contract staffing services in India have recently caught the attention of employers and are gaining popularity among employers. This setup helps the organizations in hiring the talent as per their requirement. Individuals involved with this task may have unique skills that an employer would have difficulty in replacing, should they choose to leave suddenly. An employer could contract certain conditions and offer incentives that are not possible without a contract. In contractual staffing, employers are partially relieved from issues related to wages, compliance, verification, and inspection. As contractual employment is temporary, it helps in reducing the chances of workers’ collective bargaining.

Contract employees can provide many benefits and it’s not just for the sake of the name that they bear differences compared to the permanent employees. Many employers have different expectations of a contractual staff’s role and what they bring to a business.

Contractual staffing in India is a useful solution for employers looking to successfully navigate periods of transition or steer a business in a new direction. You may have a big project coming up for which you’ll require an extra pair of hands, or maybe a key member of your team has gone on maternity or paternity leave.

Instant impact

They are only joining for a short period, and hence, should be aware of the instant impact they need to bring into the place. Be courteous but also know that you won’t have to spend weeks familiarizing them with the work environment, introducing them to every member of staff, and training them with a whole multitude of systems. They should of course be given a soft landing but they are not your forever people!


Perhaps the most widely acknowledged benefit is that they are flexible. Temps allow you to respond to market needs and demands, as and when they happen. They are often used to work at varied locations, for different personalities, and for varied periods. Also, hiring a contractor gives you the option of evaluating whether you have a long-term job requirement in a function.

How does Contract Staffing work?

Corporates usually think of contractual staffing services when they find themselves in the need of talented professionals to work on short-term projects. There are multiple contractual staffing service providers in India, and Mynd is known for their best in-class contractual services. After the clear expectation setting from the ends of both corporate and staffing solution providers, the recruiters start their sourcing, cv-screening, and interviewing efforts.

Once the right candidate is chosen, a contract is signed between the staffing agency and the hire. The staffing agency provides remuneration for the hire through a previous contract with the original employer.

How does contractual Staffing Help Employees?

  • How does contractual Staffing Help Employees?
  • Contractual staffing helps professionals to get potentially higher incomes. The recent trends also support that as part-time employees, they often get higher wages than if they worked full time.

Mynd RecruitmentServices Success Formula

Mynd brings together the best professionals with cutting-edge technology along with multi-location
reach to help you find and retain the right talent.

  • Unconventional Hiring Approach
  • Pre-qualification assessment
  • AI-based database management
  • Pan-India presence
  • SLA driven delivery approach
  • Improved visibility &effective process management
  • Improved TAT through Automated Workflow
  • High levels of service, support and training
  • Effective Communication & Stakeholder Management

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