Reduced Operational Cost = Increase in Profits

Reduced Operational Cost = Increase in Profits

Manufacturing Industry is going through a rough patch – Increased costs of raw material and decrease in demand is making it increasingly difficult to stay profitable, even for the top names in the Industry.

Need of the hour is to reduce the operational costs by reinventing the age-old processes, introduction of technology and optimizing man power. Mynd Solutions’ FAO team comes on-board as the perfect partner for your business, taking over the daunting task of resetting the existing processes, introducing the new ones and overseeing/ensuring a smooth transition – saving as much as 30% of your TCO.

The case in points refers to one of our large US Multi-National Clients, dealing with the manufacturing of Hermetic Compressors for Air-Conditioning & refrigeration products across two large manufacturing plants with consolidated volume exceeding 10,000 transactions per month (AP & AR).

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