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Success through People

“Behind every Successful Organization, there are its Successful and well engaged Employees” This is no longer just a statement but a way of life now for all Corporates and on this note , I am glad to share my views with all of you on the fundamental and growing trends of “Talent Management.” Today Organizations

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Should You Outsource AR and AP?

Recent Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that companies that leverage outsourcing & automation can process invoices / transactions as much as 59 percent faster than companies that don’t outsource. Using an outsourcing provider enables companies to do more, with fewer internal resources. Businesses are able to offload transactional functions and gain the ability

Case Study


A leading security services company employing more than 1 Lakh employees deployed across every state in India, having presence in more than 130 locations with multiple codes and sub codes for social security and Provident fund management, working with more than 15000 end client locations, was faced with a unique challenge of bringing efficiency and

Finance & Accounts Outsourcing

Reduced Operational Cost = Increase in Profits

Manufacturing Industry is going through a rough patch – Increased costs of raw material and decrease in demand is making it increasingly difficult to stay profitable, even for the top names in the Industry. Need of the hour is to reduce the operational costs by reinventing the age-old processes, introduction of technology and optimizing man

Finance & Accounts Outsourcing

Simplifying business every day

Technology performs incredible human tasks with relative ease. And nobody would ever complain about taking a little help from the machines, especially people who have a business to run. Every business enterprise consists of a system of interconnected processes and functionalities. To function efficiently, business departments need access to files and data from all the

Human Resource Outsourcing

Top Trends in Talent Hiring – By Vivek Misra

In a fast-moving world, there could not be anything more important than keeping up with developing trends. In case of Talent Hiring, not keeping up with trends means that you are using outdated practices and producing weaker results. In today’s world, if an organisation wants to attract and hire top talent more efficiently, it needs

Finance & Accounts Outsourcing

How Startups are Optimizing Cash Management

Getting on the digital trend has proved to be a boon for businesses, especially the startups. Most of the Start-ups today need to manage finance & accounts processes on the one hand & expanding business & operations on the other hand. In this entire cycle, managing finance becomes a laborious & tedious work. This critical

Human Resource Outsourcing

Invaluable Resources

Finding the perfect resource for the job could be quite prolonging generally. But not with our RPO solutions. Contents * Summary * Problems and issues * Background of the issues * About the client * How we arrived at the solution * Conclusion Summary The grail of business being very volatile in nature is always