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Mynd Solutions is a key global Business Process Management (BPM) service provider, delivering exceptional services in the domain of business process and technology management. We provide a vast array of services in four major business verticals including Finance and Accounting (FAO), Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Consulting

Business Process Management

We provide the services related to Business Process Management (BPM), apart from being a part of shared service centre. While managing various operational tasks of a business, it enables a firm to be more efficient in its functions. In short, we look after the value-added services of our clients with a proper strategic plan. Understanding the processes, managing it and thereby improving them are what we do as a part of Business Process Management. Our expertise in this domain is towards making an organization more effective to adapt as per changes of the corporate world. As a part of Business Process Management services, we offer unmatched technology and are able to facilitate the perfect framework for any organization.

As a service provider, we help an organization to develop strategy, evaluate services and COE Setup. We also act as an advisory and assessment team for process discovery and redesigning structures. We enrich the experience of all our customers with our valuable services with an aim to increase the visibility of business. As a result, it provides an enterprise, an edge over the competitive environment of corporate sector. We aim to impart impactful changes with different tools of process management. Some of these tools are meant for optimization and some for system integration. This also helps in building user-friendly models. Hence, various processes can be easily redesigned, deployed and managed.

Shared Service Center

As a Shared service center, we can handle specific operational tasks that include various services in the Finance and Accounting and Human Resources. We work as multi-functional unit that is dedicated to a centralized point of service. It involves multiple business units to consolidate one or more than one operation into a shared one.

We help business enterprises reduce the costs of decentralization by increasing overall strength of support processes. Our service support aims higher on cost flexibility for various corporate departments. Also, we work with flexibility according to the strategies communicated for different domains. Mynd Solutions offers specialized services and aims to put significant efforts, which contribute to the competitiveness of the client's business in the corporate world. Telecom, Retail, E-commerce, BFSI, Infrastructure, Healthcare & IT/ITes, there are many areas we excel in offering shared services.

Our Shared Service Centre also customizes our processes with a focus to improve efficiency taking cost-effective measures. Its accuracy is focused with the help of technology on the platform of Business Process Management (BPM). We aspire to deliver our services with unique industry demands with a set of expert team working under us. Our platform stands as SaaS (Software as a Service) which complements the service delivered to suit diverse needs of customers globally also.

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