Shared Service Centre

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Mynd believes in creating Real Business Impact by integrating it’s Analytics & Technology Competencies with Comprehensive Business Management Solutions

Continuous improvement is an essential element in any effective business strategy. Whether these improvements are large or small in scale, achieved on the factory floor or in the back office, the goal is the same—to better leverage the resources of the organization to create optimal value for customers and other key stakeholders. Enabled by rapid advances in technology, the drive to achieve worldclass performance standards is resulting in innovative structures, strategies, and solutions to complex business problems. Shared services centers (SSCs) are being created in organization after organization as the optimal solution to the need to both reduce the cost and improve the performance of Mynd Soution' s Shared Service Centre(SSC) can standardize and automate process work activities, while at the same time delivering greater value through process innovation, reducing risk and revealing new sources of revenue for stakeholders.

As a Shared service centre, we can handle specific operational tasks that include various services in the Finance and Accounting and Human Resources. We work as multi-functional unit that is dedicated to a centralized point of service. It involves multiple business units to consolidate one or more than one operation into a shared one.

Our Shared Service Centre also customizes our processes with a focus to improve efficiency taking cost-effective measures. Its accuracy is focused with the help of technology on the platform of Business Process Management (BPM). We aspire to deliver our services with unique industry demands with a set of expert team working under us. Our platform stands as SaaS (Software as a Service) which complements the service delivered to suit diverse needs of customers globally also.