Commercial function is a backbone to business operations and support; while enablement is the key to managing such an important function. Mynd provides specialized support services in the commercial function through its trained pool of resources in an ERP driven environment. Mynd helps in creating opportunity for organizations to modularise service requirements around vital processes including PR, PO, Order Fulfilment and Order Management.

Services provided by Mynd as part of Commercial Support function are enlisted as below:

  1. PR to PO
    • Validation of PR
    • Validation of DOA
    • De-duplicate checks
    • Validation of vendors as per Vendor masters
    • Validation of budgets/ Project Validity
    • Release of Purchase Order
    • Vendor coordination
    • Validation of documentation
    • Validation of rates and BOQ’s
    • PO Preparation in ERP
    • Validation of Terms and conditions including SLAs and KPIs
    • Vendor coordination to check on Project readiness/Supply/Service Delivery Plan
    • Coordination with user and vendor for dispatch schedules and documentation
    • Open PO Report and PO for closure management
    • Stock level monitoring