Mynd provides an award winning HRIS System. This is an integrated SaaS based employee life-cycle management software. Its key modules can handle all aspect of human resource needs from recruitment to retirement. It is an ideal for growing businesses, which can pick and select the modules that they need most and subscribe to the rest at a later point. It can be configured to meet client specific requirements and implement them in a snap.

Clients are offered the option of choosing different modules depending on their business needs and subscribe to additional HRMS modules as per future organization requirements. HRIS is a cost effective tool with zero CAPEX, lowest cost of ownership and no maintenance fees.

HRIS At A Glance

There are 9 key modules in the HRIS System (EHRIS):

  • Employee Information Portal – Provides the main employee database with employee and manager self-service. It also acts as a library for employee handbooks and training materials.
  • Recruitment Module – Takes care of the entire recruitment process from recruitment requests to job postings, candidate selections, assessment, and generating offer letters.
  • Leave and Attendance Module – Can automate your entire leave and attendance policy. It allows employees to apply or process leave applications and gives supervisors and HR a Birds-eye view of attendance trends.
  • Time Sheet Module – Logs time spent on specific projects and allows the project manager to approve billable time.
  • Performance Management Module – Rate and track the employee’s KRAs and KPIs. Options such as 360 degree feedback, and multiple ratings are available.
  • Learning and Development Module – Plan, track, and assess employee training, feedback, and development; Including training calendars and allocating budgets.
  • Compensation and Benefits Module – Allows employee to claim their benefits, and view salary slips online.
  • Travel and Expense Module – Employees can request for travel, plan their itinerary, and claim expenses, wherever, whenever.
  • Employee Separation Module allows a smooth transition when an employee resigns or retires, helping you build a close-knit alumni community.


EHRIS is a multi-tenant SaaS or “cloud based” solution that provides integrated and total employee life-cycle management capabilities that help companies support employees through every phase of their service with the company, from recruitment to separation. EHRIS enables human resource departments to be more productive by streamlining and automating HR processes. Being multi-tenant software whenever we release new features in our EHRIS, clients will be able to access them right away. New accounts can be created in a matter of minutes, after filling the necessary form, and it is highly scalable. There are also very low requirements to maintenance and support.

The foundation of EHRIS software development process is based on usability driven prototyping, agile development, and continuous testing. Our mission is to keep EHRIS as robust and scalable as possible so our customers can enjoy the rewards.