Travel and Expense Management

Manage travel & expense, anywhere.

No more downtime for your employees! Expenses can now be completed in seconds while on the go. With Mynd solution’s expert travel and expanse processing services , get instant access to expense entry and submission .The means that the time previously spent on office-based administration can now be spent on higher value tasks.

Travel and Expense Management from Mynd Integrated Solutions offers a web-based solution on the cloud and provides a “True SaaS” based online portal for HR Self Service (HRSS) and Employee Self Service (ESS). The system offers a convenient, rapid and automatic process of travel and related expense requests and claims by employees. This leads to savings for the company, and increases employees’ satisfaction thanks to easier processes and faster reimbursements.

EHRIS Travel and Expense Module doubles as a travel management system as well as an employee expense management system. Your employees can request for travel, and apply for reimbursements of business expenses.

  • Travel details in one central place
  • Know, track and manage cost centers efficiently by using HRIS to monitor business expenses
  • Store scanned receipts and track expense claims
  • Speedy approval and payment process
  • File expense statements from anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time travel requests
  • Set up grade based travel policies
  • Online travel requisition and approval
  • EHRIS will highlight and track any deviations from the policy.
  • EHRIS automatically notifies the travel desk or agent via email once travel plans are approved.
  • Configure various business expense and travel expense forms according to your business requirements.
  • EHRIS can automatically link travel expenses with travel requests.
  • EHRIS can allow multiple Travel Expenses to be submitted against one Travel request so that the expenses incurred through Credit Card could be submitted after the arrival of the monthly Credit Card statement.
  • Facility to assign different employees for travel advance payments and expense claim settlements
  • Notify and route claims and approval process from managers to the finance department personnel.
  • Facility to define entitlements for different expense types and allow or prevent deviations to be submitted
  • Facility to submit Conveyance Expense Claims and Other Expense Claims for the business expenses incurred
  • Travel Dashboard and Travel Expenses Dashboard provide analysis of travel and expenses.
  • Travel Dashboard also enables you to analyze the expenses from different perspectives.
  • Online Application for sending and filing claims and travel expense process requests anywhere globally
  • Easy multi location consolidation
  • Employee Masters Management
  • Backend Processing Services:
  • Scrutinizing and Validating Invoices
  • Accounting Related Activities
  • Transactional Activities/ processing claims
  • Help Desk Services:
  • Web based Employee help desk with ticketing system
  • Email based employee help desk
  • Telephonic Support to Employees
  • Rapid processes of approval and payments
  • Track traveling details, reimbursement history and company policies.
  • Online Track status of requests, claims and payments
  • Monitor employee travel budgets
  • Improved decision-making due to transparent process and improved analytics and employee travel data
  • Prevent fraudulent claims by employees