Suppliers Process Quality Audits

Supplier Process quality audits are performed at supplier premises to verify the compliance of supplier products and process. Supplier quality audits help the organization to build the competency of their suppliers to supply the products with right quality, on time delivery, low rate of line rejections.

During the audit the focus areas are as below

  • Organization Leadership Review
  • Skill and competency review
  • Review of Incoming inspection process
  • Review on process controls
  • Review on Products controls
  • Finished products review
  • Review on product reliability process
  • Review on Continuous Improvements

Benefits of Supplier Audits:-

  • Improve supplier’s product quality
  • Improve customer satisfaction – Lower rejection rate
  • Improve brand image of products
  • Timely delivery of products from supplier end
  • Improve the production yield due to lower rate incoming rejection
  • It helps organizations to avoid any adverse impact on product quality and reliability of services
  • Enhances supply capability and strength of supply chain