Maintaining compliance with multiple business laws can be a herculean task for any company and entails deep understanding of Tax related statutory compliances and requirements. Mynd with its deep process knowledge and proven expertise in the domain of regulatory compliances understands these common issues often faced by businesses. With our vast industry experience, we have also witnessed that companies often face bad debt situations because of non-compliance with tax issues.

Appropriate management of Statutory Filings and Compliances is very important for any sort of business, because it helps develop the company's brand reputation and profitability. Mynd Integrated Solutions understands this and provides excellent services in regulatory compliance management that have helped some of the world's top institutions to address local and regional requirements. Our compliance services help improve risk and economic capital management as well as foster and cost reductions.

Services offered by Mynd as part of Statutory Filings and Compliance include the following:

  1. GST and Excise (Indirect Taxes)
    • Registration under various Acts (GST, Excise, PAN, TAN etc.)
    • Maintenance of Records
    • Computation of monthly Tax liability
    • Preparation of returns
    • Issuance of Forms – Way bills
    • Support for Assessments/Inspections/Notices
  2. Direct Tax Compliance
    • Corporation Tax & Advance Tax compliance
    • TDS related compliance (Direct Tax)
      • Preparation and filing of TDS (Withholding Tax) returns
      • Issue of TDS Certificates
  3. Attending to Tax Department queries/notices & handling of assessment/audit