Are you a SME or start-up company?

As an SME business owner, we know that you have a tenacious appetite for growth and a rock solid perseverance to stay ahead in the game. As your company grows, do you find yourself spending too much time in your non-core business and not enough time on your core business? That is why you need business partners who can anticipate your requirements, rather than just try to keep pace with your thinking.

Discover our outsourcing services for SMEs that are designed to sense your business needs faster and have the growth potential to take your

business further. Each of the business solutions on offer is designed to be competitive, cost-effective and easy-to-use in your everyday business.
Our Small to Mid-size Business Solutions can assist you with tasks such as bookkeeping, small business accounting, Controller etc., as well as accounting systems automation and integration. We help you free up your time to focus on running your company by offering a full range of business solutions. We have created a solution for small to mid-sized businesses that can be tailored to your specifications. Our customized services for SMEs to mid-sized business solutions also include functions such as data entry and offering specialized manpower.

Our custom solutions help SMEs to overcome their unique set of challenges as compared to the larger players including:

  • How do we get relevant, practical, and implementable advice?
  • How can I make the most of the limited resources we have?
  • Can someone help me plan big but invest small?.

We at Mynd would like to change that scenario by making easily implementable advice available to SMEs in a cost effective manner on an ongoing basis.
We bring with us experience gained during our careers with large consulting firms and will leverage the same to benefit your business.

This will include support in various business domains with the aim to enable you to be more competitive in the market place. We have a tailor made version for SMEs which can scale once you grow into larger organizations.

Mynd has curated a suite of services that are designed to complement and enhance SME companies at every stage of their business growth. To achieve this, we have spent countless hours in designing our services for SMEs to fit exact customer requirements and providing a level of comfort and understanding to them. That’s why today when an SME business begins to describe its business challenge, we can already sense what they will need it the future. This is the advantage you gain when you deal with us.

Key Benefits:
  • OPEX-based service
  • No overheads
  • Expert service management
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Save on high upfront costs with SaaS based solutions
  • Offload your efforts of maintaining back-office functions and the associated costs, with our fully-managed solutions
  • Your business is secure with our state-of-the-art, Tier III compliant Data Centres
  • Gain the freedom to scale your system requirement, as per your business needs