Performance Management Module

EHRIS Performance Management Module provides flexible and transparent workflows for your performance management appraisal process. Save HR time by having a paperless performance management system (PMS), while empowering your employees by allowing anytime, anywhere access to their performance appraisal results. By having your performance review process configured into the system, you can take a proactive approach in helping your team to meet their individual goals along with your company’s business goals.

  • Efficient performance appraisal process
  • At-a-glance goal setting
  • Align individual and organization goals
  • Auto reminders for performance reviews
  • Empower employees with a transparent PMS
  • Managers keep teams on track with easy access KRAs
  • Choose your preferred performance appraisal method from KRA and competence or Balance Scorecard based performance management systems
  • Setup key performance indicators and map them to different roles
  • Set-up key performance indicators and map them to roles
  • If an employee’s skill ratings drop below par, the system prompts the manager or supervisor for employee training. The system recommends appropriate trainings based on the skill.
  • Define the appraisal process with timelines for activities like goal setting, reviews and approvals
  • Options to select goal setting and reviews by employee, supervisor or both
  • Automatically managed workflows for each employee using the applicable format and timeline
  • Capture employee and supervisor development plans
  • Facility to collect multi-rater feedback which can be used by appraiser to rate the employee
  • Identifies training needs based upon gaps in desired and actual ratings on role competencies
  • Provides reviewers and HR a macro view of aggregate performance ratings to focus attention on deviations
  • Appraisers can make confidential projections for employee career growth which automatically links to the internal recruitment process
  • Dashboard plots the employees on 9 grid performance-potential