PEARL is a digital trade payable tool that helps businesses transform their vendor management system through automation.

With software and solutions that are efficient, simple to use and built for change, PEARL manages all aspects of your procure-to-pay process through simplified purchasing, invoicing and payment, enables easy tracking of inbound shipment, stores all supplier information in a single place, and enables company-wide agility in compliance with global trade regulations.


PEARL transforms Supply Chain process so that you may have complete control of your Trade Payable system

Vendor On-boarding

Vendor Portal

Business Process Management

Accounting & Reconciliation

Vendor Financing

Vendor Management

80% - 90%

Manual efforts in
Sourcing/input process

50% - 60%

Manual efforts in
processing the invoice and payments

40% - 50%

Manual efforts in
Archiving & Record keeping

60% - 70%

of Sourcing/Input process
is automated


of the Invoice & Payment
process is automated


of the Archiving & Record keeping
process is automated

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PEARL: Unlimited Possibilites

Transforming the Vendor Management System through Automation

How others do it How PEARL does it

Data/Transcription Input


Capture Email Data

Capture from ERP

Capture from other Sources

Data/Transcription Input

IOT – Internet of Things enabled

Mobile capture

Auto OCR

Auto capture Email Data


Rule based data checks

Manual Entry Creation

ERP Integration

Approval/Rule based data routing

Classical Hierarchy based approvals


Advanced Analytical Checks with random check capability

Auto-Entry Creation

Seamless & non-intrusive ERP Integration

Complex Rule based automated data routing

Complex & cross-functional Hierarchy based approvals

Data Analysis

Duplicity Check

Exception weeding

Conventional data insights

Situational Analytics

Data Analysis

Advanced Duplicity Checks

Rule based Exception mgmt. system

Analytical allocation of actionable information

Predictive analysis

Automated resolution roadmap with inbuilt tracking mechanism

Auto Decision making


Predictable/Flexible reporting

Multiple template based reporting

Manual/Semi-Auto controls

Auto distribution

Minimal manual intervention


Multifaceted & multipurpose reporting

Mobile Dashboards

Zero manual intervention

Algorithmic controls

Auto generation & distribution

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