Leave & Attendance solution

Streamline, and simplify.

Workforce time management was never so easy! With Leave and Attendance system you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees’ working times and activities.

The system facilitates HR professionals in managing their employee pools effectively, due to the elimination of manual updating of attendance data and leave records. It also enables resolving complexities pertaining to varied employee queries, such as leave adjustments and leave balance, for both HR and employees in an automated manner.

The Leave and Attendance system is a comprehensive solution that automates and streamlines the entire leave-management workflow. Hence, considerably reducing both involvement and dependency on HR and saving precious money and time for the client.

EHRIS Leave and Attendance Management Module automate your HR leave and attendance policy. During the implementation process, you can configure your HR workflows so that the right supervisors or HR personnel is informed for employee leave applications. Approval processes are faster with dashboard, email, and SMS notifications -- saving time for the employee, supervisor, and HR. Employees have the answers to their leave and attendance right on the employee self-service portal. When the employee applies for leave, available leave is calculated, including paid time off, or leave without pay and displayed.

  • Real-time leave application and approval
  • Ability to integrate with biometric systems
  • Facility to define shifts and employee rosters
  • Facility to the Supervisor and HR to edit In/ Out Time without overwriting the original captured time (to be used for audits)
  • Facility to allow Compensatory Off after approval by the Supervisor
  • Facility for raising “On Duty” request and “Past Attendance Approval” requests
  • Organize and monitor leave/attendance
  • Facility to control whether attendance can be marked from a specific location, all company offices, or from anywhere
  • Real-time email and SMS notifications
  • Save time processing payroll
  • “In My Absence” workflows for key personnel
  • Team and individual work hours at your finger tips
  • Generate leave and attendance reports in seconds
  • Automated leave policies for employee self-service
  • Plan leave in real time and avoid overlaps
  • Leave Dashboard for analyzing leaves taken
  • Attendance Dashboard to analyze the attendance information and provide an insight into employee engagement
  • Authorized personnel are allowed to have workflows in place so that work can be approved and processed during their absence.
  • HRIS also integrates with other attendance logging systems like biometric cards seamlessly.
  • Saves vital time of the company’s management
  • Lower dependence on HR personnel
  • Improved efficiency due to automation
  • Enhanced integrity due to self-feeding of data by employees
  • Leave status and policy related communications possible in real-time
  • HR gains access to a rapid, reliable and transparent system for checking any employee’s details anywhere and at anytime
  • Real-time approval of leave related requests
  • "My Profile” functionality allows employees to access and view their personal details
  • “My Calendar” functionality enables accessing Daily Attendance Tracker
  • “eHelp Desk” function for service tickets
  • “Apply, Modify, Cancel” facility of Leave Application
  • "Leave Account” functionality for checking leaves balance
  • "Leave Statement” for displaying Leave Transactions
  • “ePayslip” function provides month wise view
  • Timekeeping function for viewing and creating timesheet
  • Savings on employee related costs
  • Leave and Attendance analytics and reports beneficial for managerial decision-making
  • Integration with biometric systems 
  • Ability to define shifts and employee rosters
  • Real-time SMS and email notifications
  • Save time on processing payroll 
  • “In My Absence” workflows for key personnel to enable smooth processing and approval of work even during their absence

Timesheet Module

EHRIS Timesheet Module equips you to define Projects that are billable/non-billable, define work breakdown structure, allocate planned hours, and log actual time spent on each of the tasks. While the administrative manager or supervisor has the authority to accept the time spent on the task by the employee, the Project Manager has the authority to decide the amount of time spent that could be billed to the customer.

  • Define Projects and Accounts in the system
  • Associate Project Manager to the Project, define whether the Project is Billable/Non-Billable thereby enabling you to track internal Projects as well
  • Define Tasks under the project
  • Ability to assign resources to a Project/ Task
  • Ability to configure whether employee can book time against allocated tasks or all tasks of the Project
  • Ability to log the total time spent and billable time for an activity
  • Facility to consolidate the billable time of the project team which can be used for billing