Learning & Development Module

EHRIS Learning and Development Module equips your HR with a bird’s eye view of employee training needs. Investing in your employees by giving them the right training will help you retain them and build loyalty. With EHRIS your employees can check the trainings that are available in your organization and know when they are happening.

Managers or supervisors can nominate their team members for training to improve performance or to help with employee career planning.

Employees either can apply for training themselves, or be nominated, by their colleagues and managers, depending on how your employee training workflow is set up.

  • Nurture effective teams.
  • Integrate internal and external trainings.
  • Build employer brand loyalty.
  • Gain and give valuable feedback.
  • Measure the effectiveness of trainings efficiently.
  • Keep and track training evaluations in one system.
  • Create database of internal and external training programs with program specific feedback forms.
  • Employees can search for appropriate training programs and request for training for themselves or their team members.
  • View aggregated employee-training needs based on individual training need assessment form the performance appraisals as well as training requests.
  • Training managers can plan the training calendar based on training needs and view the impact of calendar planning decisions on training budget.
  • EmployWise automatically publishes the training calendar visible to employees through the portal based on training scheduled.
  • EHRIS can also automatically initiate workflow for training nomination and registration for training programs.
  • Training feedback and evaluation for both trainee and trainer
  • Automatically link employee folder with training needs, programs attended or missed, and training evaluation feedback.
  • Forms are configurable forms and timelines for post-training effectiveness with complete flexibility on content