End to End process audits on Warehouse & SCM Operations

It is important to conduct end to end process audits to know the deficiencies/gaps at each stage contributing to overall process failures of warehouse & SCM operations -

During end to end audits all functions/activities from beginning till the end are covered for audits purpose:

  • Sales planning & forecasting
  • Material receiving and Quality inspection during material in warding process
  • Material put away
  • Inventory handling, storage, preservation (FEFO/FIFO and expiry management )& product safety
  • Customer order booking and order processing
  • Picking /Packing of material
  • Dispatch and delivery of products during material out warding process
  • Distribution and logistics management – Central WH to distribution points
  • Customer/sales Returns management
  • Disposal of expired and damaged products

Benefits of end to end audits: - It helps to identify the reasons, factors, improvement opportunities etc. contributing to overall delivery failure and financial inefficiencies.

  • High fright cost due to frequent stock movement
  • Mis-shipments during order delivery
  • Non adherence of TAT at various stages
  • FIFO/FEFO/LIFO violation
  • Product damage due to mishandling
  • Wrong in-warding of products
  • Lack of controls on return products
  • Delay in in warding, Put away, order processing, dispatch etc
  • Lack of planning &monitoring
  • Training and skill set related issues