Mynd provides customized solutions for expenses incurred by employees during the course of performing a specific assignment or task. We streamline our process with organization’s pre-defined reimbursement policies and generate reports with zero error rates to ensure expenditures are incurred according to the budgets assigned. This procedure reduces the workload of both organization and employees in a hassle-free manner, thereby driving healthy organization structure.

Configurable Travel Policy:

Define your own organization-wide Travel policy including deviation approval rules.

Online Travel requisition and approval:

Intimation of travel plans to the travel desk with travel confirmation saves valuable executive time, which would otherwise be spent in making travel arrangements.

Online Expense Reporting:

Flexible forms for reporting travel, conveyance and other business expenses with linkages to travel requisitions help control travel costs.

Automatic Routing:

Employee expense claims are automatically routed for approval to managers and for payment to accounts. Hence, reducing employee dissatisfaction caused due to delayed claim settlement issues.