Employee Information Portal

EHRIS EIP acts as the foundation of the entire HR system. It hosts all employee data as well as update information from other modules of EHRIS. Since it is integrated, details such as trainings attended and succession related information can be stored for employees. The EIP module contains the following features:

  • Provides easy access to employee’s individual data, and profile information with their photo.
  • Different Information Tabs, can be added according to your business needs.
  • HR can restrict which tabs the employee can edit, such as “Emergency Contact Details”, and which ones are editable only by an HR manager or Supervisor, such as job descriptions.
  • Work Details can list current job description, and work history, such as the positions or designations that the individual has held.
  • EHRIS provides the facility to customize the labels of the Information Tabs. This way the company can maintain their own terms and lingo.
  • Provides a list of company assets issued to employees such as laptops, and PDAs. Asset information is stored with their serial numbers, make, model, etc. for easy tracking.
  • Supervisors, team leaders, or managers can view their team details to evaluate or contact the employee.
  • Prepare HR reports by choosing to view or export company demographic details either as a web page, a PDF or MS Word.
  • All employees have access to the Directory, which provides the basic contact details of all their colleagues, subordinates, or superiors.
  • EHRIS maintains the career history for every employee, enabling HR to track career progression within the company and during previous employments.
  • The EIP Home Page can also link to company specific links such as your websites or intranet enabling the employee to go to other destinations related to work.
  • The EHRIS Acquisition Module automatically updates your employee database once the candidate joins.
  • Easy access to the alumni database is useful in a rehiring process or for company event invitations.

Additional Features Of EIP

Talent Finder is included to search the employee database. For HR managers, this tool is used to search for candidates from the talent pool of alumni and existing employees for filling up positions required for Projects demanding specific skills.

The Library facility enables knowledge management where employees can share the valuable knowledge acquired through experience in different projects. This can be categorized suitably and if required, specific categories can be made accessible to a specific set of employees.

Auto-notifications and updates are built-in the HRIS modules. When an employee logs into EHRIS the home page shows company notices, announcements, and “Need to Act” action items for the employee to process. Birthdays and Anniversaries are also listed on the Home Page for the next seven days, enabling employees to know and wish their fellow colleagues, facilitating employee engagement.

Reports Wizard will help design Management Information System reports on the fly. There is also a simple downloadable royalty-free tool for report viewing. All reports can be viewed in Microsoft Excel™. Analyzing of employee turnover or conducting performance reviews do not require any programming skills. Dashboards will provide you the analysis of your data to support your strategic decision-making based on the skill set of your workforce.