Employee Acquisition Module

EHRIS Employee Acquisition Module gives the tools for HR managers to track, plan, and know their talent needs in real-time. The following are salient features of the Employee Acquisition Module:

  • Create a recruitment plan by projecting the number of positions for each role. Your recruitment plan can be defined over a particular period such as months and quarters.
  • Pre-defined workflows go into effect in the event of a non-planned recruitment need.
  • You can set up role specific workflows and recruitment requests by allowing managers to raise a Request for Recruitment (RFR).
  • RFRs can follow a pre-defined HR workflow so that necessary personnel can approve candidates before it moves forward for HR or the recruitment manager to get involved.
  • Know your exact deadlines and talent needs by defining the number of positions, locations, and target closing dates for all the roles that you need to recruit for.
  • Define and edit the notice for recruiting depending on the target audience i.e. internal job notice board, recruitment consultancy, company website etc.
  • EHRIS automatically emails to talent search firms, and qualified internal candidates.
  • Application forms are flexible and customizable so that you can collect the right information from candidates.
  • EHRIS can automatically email candidates whether they are shortlisted, selected, or rejected.
  • EHRIS also notifies via email, SMS, and “Need to Act” tab in the team leader, supervisor, or manager home page so that they are involved in the recruitment process. These notifications are completely configurable depending on your requirements.
  • EHRIS adds the candidate details automatically to your resume databank and talent pool so that HR can search for them in the future.
  • The system also automatically updates the status of a candidate’s application after each interview, and assessment.
  • You can also keep a track of candidates who have applied previously as the system remembers their status. So even if HR managers change, they will still know the history of the candidate.
  • The Recruitment Head can close a position earlier than planned in case of redundant postings or filling the position with a candidate who is outside of the system.
  • Maintain standards with consistent job requirements, descriptions, and standardized interviews, and candidate assessment forms in EHRIS.