Disposal and Scrap Sale Audits

Timely and regular Disposal management and scrap selling is very important for any organization as it saves the storage cost.

During any storage/manufacturing process, different types of scrap is generated due to damage and expired products which needs to be cleared out at defined frequency. Any delay in clearance will result in extra cost paid for storage of scrap items.

During the disposal audits, auditor will be present at the auction day to verify and tally physical material with sign off before the scrap disposal bidding. Auditor will check and ensure that correct material is disposed and loaded.

Points verified during Audits:-

  • Ensuring the correct materials (marked earlier as scrap) are disposing / loading
  • Signoff and certify on all Non-returnable Gate Pass/ Delivery Challan/ Invoices
  • Submission of disposal report along with Invoice for processing the fees
  • Received bids are evaluated for best highest amount
  • Recommendation note is sent for final approval
  • Material dispatch document is prepared and issued to selected vendor
  • Movement of expired stock as per cut-off date
  • Check whether damaged and expired material is placed at designated area or not
  • List of disposal and expired items are prepared on regular frequencies
  • Segregation and identification is done for scrap and damage items
  • Proper approvals are taken as per defined designated authorities
  • Disposal of stock as per the defined frequency
  • Handover of expired and damaged items to the approved agency
  • Reconciliation for Damage and expired product received at store Vs Handover to the Approved agency for incineration
  • Duly certified verification report with Sample Photographs is submitted

The above mentioned points may be added or deleted as per the client requirements (SOW).