Client Situation

Our client is one of the leading US-based multi-national quick service food brands which operates in more than 140 countries with ~48,000 restaurants worldwide. The brand operates through both equity and franchisee models. The client was facing issues with sales reconciliation from stores across PAN-India. The bank statements and MPR/CMS reports had huge inaccuracies. Also, due lack of centralization and compliance, sales money was regularly pulled out for petty cash and other expenses without monitoring.


The Challenge

Being one of the fastest-growing quick service food brands in India, the client wanted to execute an error-free and accurate sales reconciliation process at the earliest. The client wanted to integrate and kick-start the process across PAN-India within 2 weeks. The first challenge was lack of visibility due to poor MIS framework and management. Delays in deposition of cash sales led to pilferage and fraud of the companies’
hard earned money. Also, this directly led to increased cost of working capital. Due to lack of automation/accuracy of data, there was very little scope to perform any sort of analysis to understand pilferage, fraud and misuse of sales money at store level.


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