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India has one of the highest rates of past-due invoices with over 96% companies reporting late payments. Mynd ARISE is a comprehensive Account Receivable automation tool that automates the entire Order to Cash process for businesses, helping them improve cashflows while reducing DSO (Daily Sales Outstanding), reduce bad debt expense, boost operating margins and help the businesses establish robust internal controls.

Accounts Receivable Software

Success Formula

  • Customer Contract and Master Data Management
  • Billing Input Management
  • Automated Collection and Recovery Notification
  • MIS and Dashboard
  • Forecasting
  • Increase Cashflow and Lower DSO
  • Reduce Bad Debt Expense
  • Boost Operating Margin
  • Robust Internal Control

Faster and Efficient Collections Every time

Features of ARISE

ARISE transforms end-to-end accounts receivables management, improving cash flows, reducing the past-due receivables and helping identify leakages in revenue and filling up the gaps. A highly customizable tool that help CFOs achieve higher levels of accuracy, compliance and productivity throughout the invoice life cycle and enables better cash flow projections and management.

Customer Contract and
Master Data Management

  • Customer Database creation
  • Synchronize CMD to-from your ERP
  • Matching of customer records between ERP and Arise
  • Contract Tracking for expiration date, value and line of service
  • Indexing of contracts for easy access and reference
  • Customer Group View Available for consolidation
  • Intelligent system to removes duplicate records and list incomplete records

Timely Renewal and Approval notifications linked to escalation workflow Billing Input Management

  • Enhanced billing accuracy and better tracking Plug revenue leakages and meet timelines
  • Improves visibility to management by providing the required slicing and dicing of data
  • Track Billing Inputs from various sources
  • Automated Queue generation for Project Manager and Finance Team
  • Built in Escalation matrix for delays in billing input or billing
  • Track Projected Billing vs Actuals
  • Deviations from the planned billing reported as exceptions and workflow initiated for 2nd level approvals

Automated Collection and Recovery

  • Intuitive collections tool including customer classification, AR categorization, performance management and dispute management.
  • Predictive Analytics to view of bad/good payers for timely course correction
  • Accurate Cash Projection - Forecasting based on Payment history
  • Delegation of customer account for operational continuity and smoother transitions
  • Ease of assigning collectors and collections targets on the basis of overall company goal for the month/quarter
  • Ready Portal for Sales Team View and Invoice Download
  • Better Control Real Time Status of every Invoice

Exclude/Include Accounts for Collections Follow-up MIS and Dashboard

  • Identify, categorize, track, report, workflow, escalate, and close customer exceptions
  • Single view comprehensive dashboard
  • Individual report generation for every process
  • Widgets to view specific attributes of collection
  • Individual report generation for every process

Workflows and notification

  • Maker & Checker concept for validationof values as per the defined hierarchy
  • Flow of Information to 2nd level to ensure data accuracy and capture complete information
  • Notification messages for suitable action and share info within the defined SLA & TAT matrix
  • Notification and Queue for Dunning for efficient collections and identify missed dunning case
  • Notification for Billing Discrepancy
  • Auto notification to customer for timely payment

Specific Measurable Results

Tangible & quantifiable benefits of implementing Arise

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ARISE by Mynd Integrated Solutions is a digital Order-to-Cash management platform that can help your business transform your Accounts Receivables process. With software and solutions that are efficient, simple to use and built for change, ARISE manages all aspects of your Order-to-Cash process by enabling simplification and speed.

  • Increase your organization’s Cash flow and lower DSOs
  • Reduce bad debt expense
  • Boost operating margin
  • Gives you robust internal controls for better AR Management

ARISE automates cash collection to expedite payments and proactively identifies the disputes which is made available for further action. ARISE monitors complete dunning process to ensure effort for realization and facilitate quick customer dispute resolution. The automated collection queues in ARISE ensures accurate first contact with the client. Robust internal controls in ARISE helps you with credit risk management and gives you risk alerts at various levels. This makes sure that 100% of the invoices are touched.

Yes, you can get a free demo of ARISE will all the functionalities. Just send us a query and we will get back to you in no time.

ARISE is a 100% customizable tool which suits your need and fits perfectly into your world. You may pick and choose the features and modules you wish to have in your system.

ARISE can be integrated with any legacy ERP system.

ARISE has a very user friendly and simplified User Interface designed in a way that you make payments on time. Mynd helps you train your AR team at the time of implementation to understand all the features and working of ARISE. Believe us it is not a rocket science.

The manual Collection follow up is set is less than 5 days. It takes 30-45 days to achieve complete integrations

We always keep our experts on standby mode, in case you have any issue you can connect with the SPOC assigned to you and get the issue sorted.

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